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What is Trading Vault?

Trading Vault is an online trading journal that replaces the need for note taking apps and excel files. It allows you to track, analyse and review all your trades in one place.

Trade journaling is a crucial part of a professional trader’s routine; however, it has always been an inefficient, cumbersome, and frustrating process. Journaling requires you to record trades into a spreadsheet, then use a note taking app to write summaries and save chart snapshots, just to track your trades. When it’s time to perform your weekly or monthly reviews, you need to find each trade in each program, compare the data and then record any lessons or insights you might find in another document. The value a trader gets from doing this process is immense, but the time spent to setup all the different programs and documents is outrageous, and then juggling the data between them is a nightmare. If that wasn’t bad enough, you then had to learn all the different formulas to calculate your key performance statistics.

The pains above is exactly what it was like for us when we started journaling. Our trading mentors never stopped proclaiming the importance of journaling, but they never outlined a straightforward way to do it. We tried various kinds of programs and layouts within each one, but repeatedly we were left disappointed and frustrated. In the end we realised we spent more time configuring and changing our trading journal then actually doing our journaling and learning from our trades.

This need for perfection and efficiency led us to designing and building Trading Vault. An online trading journal that would give us our trade summaries, statistics, analysis, and chart snapshots all together in one place. Our goal was to build an application which would make journaling more efficient and more enjoyable, while giving us a deeper insight into our mindset and performance.

This is exactly what Trading Vault offers. All the pains of managing multiple programs is gone, with all your data accessible from any device and from any location. It is completely customisable giving you the ability to setup an unlimited number of accounts and strategies to suit your style of trading. Log-in to a dashboard with key statistics and quick access to your open and closed trades. When you enter a trade, you can jump straight into Trading Vault and record the entry with chart snapshots and tags in less than 30 seconds. Once the trade closes, you enter the final details and write a summary and any key lessons. At the end of each week scroll through your timeline to review all your trades. Dive into performance statistics starting from an overview and then drill down into specific strategies and instruments. If there is an area you need to focus on, use the advanced filters and tags to find specific trades. If you need help with a certain trade; with a single click you get a shareable link to give to your mentor knowing they can see everything about your trade except personal account information.

Trading Vault is in constant development and its founders have many more great ideas in the works to make journaling even better and help traders be consistent. Click the button below to start your free online trading journal.