What makes Trading Vault different?

In-depth analysis
Trading Vault provides the most advanced filtering system, allowing you to view any combination of data without all the complicated dropdowns and search boxes. Combined with our unique widgets, which update in real time to your filters, analysing your trades will never be the same.
More than just numbers
Your journal should be a reflection of your thoughts, emotions and decision making process. Trading Vault displays your notes and chart snapshots front and centre, to easily review your trades and help improve your decision making.
Not just for trades you enter
Improving as a trader is not just about recording the trades you enter. Backtesting your strategies and recording missed trades provides excellent learning opportunities. Trading Vault allows you to record trades in separate accounts, making it easy to analyse and review these learning opportunities.
Who uses Trading Vault?
Trading Vault is designed for Forex, Crypto and Stock traders who value recording, reviewing and learning from their own trades to grow and improve as a trader. It works for anybody, regardless of your strategies, style and experience.

How does it work?
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