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Develop consistency, refine your strategies,and achieve long-term success as a professional trader.
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Jump straight into the dashboard and see all your key information at a glance, with quick access to your open and closed trades.
Your journal is more than numbers
To become a consistent trader, you need to record and review your thoughts, actions & emotions. Our unique timeline and gallery views keep this information front and centre.
Analyse your performance
In depth statistics outline the key performance metrics of your trading portfolio. Combined with our advanced filters and tags, you can extract and focus on specific parts of your trading.
Advanced charts powered by TradingView
Utilize the full power of TradingView's charting tools to analyze your trades without leaving Trading Vault. With our deep historical intra-day data, your positions are automatically plotted on the chart, making it easy to review your trades.
Share and grow with others
Connect, share, and learn from fellow traders while leveraging the advanced analytics and tools of Trading Vault. Enjoy full control over what is shared and who can access it.
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Loved by traders
Andrew Hosken - Fairsea Financial

Joseph and Robert at Trading Vault brilliantly cover all aspects of a trader’s development through their online trading journal, seamlessly applying psychological tools to assist growth, whilst capturing system performance data and other critical metrics.

Their customer-focused approach has resulted in them creating an extremely high-value online trading journal. If you are serious about taking your trading to the next level, connect with Trading Vault today.

Andrew Hosken - Fairsea Financial

Benny Lane - Rize Trading

I’ve been using Trading Vault for a while now, I enjoy the simplicity of being able to enter positions into the journal how I like with as much detail as I desire.

So my process didn’t change, I just have access to all the extra important data with very little manual work.

Benny Lane - Rize Trading

Nathan Castles - Investment Fund Manager

Journaling is fundamental to any trader's career, and Trading Vault offers an invaluable solution for streamlining this process. With its user-friendly platform, it facilitates comprehensive data management, including organized trade tracking, performance analysis, risk management review, and data visualization.

What I particularly enjoy about using TradingVault is its simplicity and efficiency. I appreciate having all the essential tools for journaling in one place, allowing me to focus more on analyzing my trades and improving my strategies rather than juggling multiple platforms or spreadsheets.

Overall, TradingVault has become an essential part of my trading routine, helping me stay organized and making the journaling process both effective and enjoyable. I would happily recommend it to anyone looking for a trading journal software.

Nathan Castles - Investment Fund Manager

Ollie - Evo Capital

With the analytical tools provided by the Trading Vault platform, ASR and Strategy Refinement has never been easier.

Each one of our students can spot; which days they perform best, which pairs work best for them, which times of the day are most profitable, view equity and account growth curves and much more, all thanks to the Trading Vault Platform.

Ollie - Evo Capital

Luke Lawson - Pro Trader

As an analytics junkie, it's great seeing the variety of stats that Trading Vault spits out after entering data.

The step-by-step process to fill in the next box is actually easy & fun compared to other journaling methods I’ve used.

Luke Lawson - Pro Trader