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and review your trades
Trade information, chart snapshots, analysis, reviews and performance statistics, all linked together in one program.
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Your Online Trading Journal

Trading Vault is a fully customisable, online trading journal. Track, analyse, and review all your trades in one place to achieve consistent trading results. Accessible from anywhere in the world, on any device.
Information at your fingertips
Jump straight into the dashboard and see all your key information at a glance, with quick access to your open and closed trades.
Your trading journal is more then just numbers
To become a consistent trader, you need to record and review your thoughts, actions & emotions. Our unique timeline and gallery views keep this information front and centre.
Analyse your performance
In depth statistics outline the key performance metrics of your trading portfolio. Combined with our advanced filters and tags, you can extract and focus on specific parts of your trading.
Personalise your journal
Configure your journal to suit how you trade, with customisable accounts, strategies, snapshots, tags, personalised themes and journal settings.
Take your trading to the next level!
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