Stop wasting time organising your trades across multiple programs,
so you can focus on learning and improving as a trader.
Everything you need at a glance
Jump straight into the dashboard with information at your fingertips.
Review your trades from different perspectives
A tailored view for every situation helps you find and review your trades.
Detailed statistics and comparisons to help guide your reviews
Trading Vault offers a wide variety of key statistics to help you review your performance. Comparison tables and graphs allow you to spot which areas need more attention.
Record every aspect of your trade
Learning from your trades requires more than just numbers on a spreadsheet.
Trade Insights
Put the pieces of the puzzle together to constantly learn and evolve into the best trader you can be
Advanced charts powered by TradingView
Utilize the full power of TradingView's charting tools to analyze your trades without leaving Trading Vault. With our deep historical intra-day data, your positions are automatically plotted on the chart, making it easy to review your trades.
Keep all your notes, thoughts, and plans organised inside your trading journal
Position Size Calculator
Quickly size multiple trades in a fast moving market. Account balance, risk and exchange rates are automatically applied. Customisable to support any symbol or broker.
Advanced Filters
Easily search your journal to find and view all the trades, statistics and information matching your criteria.
Backtesting and missed trades
Designed to help you learn from every opportunity. Track, analyse and compare your missed trades and backtesting data, while keeping it separate from your real trades.
Everything is Linked
A trader's journey is ever changing and your journal needs to evolve with you. Making underlying changes will flow throughout the app so you spend less time organising and more time learning.