Business Plan

Trading Vault business plans are designed for trading schools and communities that want to stand out
from the crowd and provide their members with the best trading journal in the industry.
Your members get full access to
all of our PRO plan features
Quickly add an insane amount of value for your members by bundling Trading Vault into your existing offering to increase sales or offer a new premium plan.
How does this benefit me?
Stand out from the competition
Traders are more likely to choose a trading school which bundles a cutting edge journal.
Promote your business
Your school can be listed in our app and seen by all our users.
Streamline your mentoring
Members are provided with a framework to record a trade, which gives you a consistent experience when reviewing their journal.
Increase your community engagement
Trading schools thrive through community interaction. Members can share their trades with a single click into your existing community channels.
Share trades in private groups
Establish a private group for your members to share trades directly. Streamline the process of sharing trades, enabling your members to benefit from our filters and advanced statistics, enhancing their learning potential. Additionally, facilitate trade sharing among members, fostering growth and development towards becoming successful traders.
Increase word-of-mouth referrals
Everyone wants to know how to become a successful trader. With a state-of-the-art trading journal on offer, your students will have the right tools to become consistently profitable, and share with their followers who they are learning from.
$20 AUD per member / per month
Members added during the month are prorated, so you only pay from when they get access.
Members can be cancelled at any time and their access is revoked at the end of the month.
Business plans are billed on a per member basis and invoiced at the end of each month.
You can cancel your plan at any time.
A $200 AUD non-refundable deposit is required up front to create your business account, however this will be credited against your future invoices.
Getting Started
Setup your business plan and on-board your first member in less than 3 minutes.
1. Create a free account
2. Register your business
3. Add your members
Custom Branding
If you are interested in white-labeling our feature-rich journal and selling it as your own product,
please contact us at