Trade Insights

22 Jun, 20

Trading Vault makes it easy to record trade insights about your trading to help you constantly learn and evolve into the best trader you can be.

The key to being a consistent trader is to review your trades on a weekly or monthly basis. When doing this you want to note any trade insights into those trades that you find. Insights are interesting things you noticed while reviewing a trade that you want to take note of. These might be interesting ways price reacted or moved, ideas around stop or target placement, emotions, or any recurring issues.

Trade Insights are initially recorded against each individual trade. When it’s time to review a larger set of data, you can see all these insights in one place and then link the relevant ones together to help identify and highlight recurring themes within your trading. This will make it easy for you to keep track of your insights and decide when it’s time to turn them into an actual rule in your trading plan instead of reacting on a trade-by-trade basis.

A great benefit of tracking your trade insights in Trading Vault is the deep linking to your trades. If you are reviewing your insight list, clicking on an insight will jump straight into that trade’s detail view where you can see all the trade’s details, your summary and chart snapshots. This makes it easy to look back and analyse the trade to understand why you recorded that insight.

Reviewing your trades on a regular basis is an important part of growing as a trader and remaining consistent. Trade Insights will help you to manage this review process so you can focus on learning.