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Tell us about yourself

My trading philosophy is based on simple, proven, and tested methods which I have developed over my 7-year trading career.

Raised in a small country town, rural New Zealand, I have always had a flair for adventure. As a younger brother of 2, raised in a single-mother household, finances were an ongoing challenge. I learned at an early age the value and importance of financial adeptness.

I left home at sixteen, aspiring for something more significant, and over a decade later, I found my place in the world. I can summarise it in one word. Adventurepreneurship.

When I'm not in front of the charts or creating new training material, you can find me freediving the shores of Bali or dirt biking the forests of Ubud.

It is my purpose to share the gift of trading with others so they, too, can experience the magic this lifetime has to offer.

I trade for a living and live for adventure.

Luke's Bali Trading Station
Why is journaling important for traders?
To keep it simple, the difference between a pro & a punter is one journals & the other does not.
How has Trading Vault improved journaling for you?
Diligence via gamification. The step-by-step process to fill in the next box is actually easy & fun compared to other journaling methods I’ve used (gsheets)
What do you like most about Trading Vault?
As above, the fun aspect of it. As an analytics junkie, it's great seeing the variety of stats that Trading Vault spits out after entering data. It makes the process almost fun!