Custom Settings & Market Type

16 May, 21

We have pushed out a major update adding custom user settings and the ability to specify a market for each trade.

Market Type

You can now specify what market a particular symbol belongs too. This consists of Forex, Crypto, CFD, Stocks, and Indexes. You can select a market type when adding or editing a trade. All your existing trades have been set based on the symbol name as best as we could.

This new data will allow us to automatically set pipettes and accurately calculate pips risked on non-Forex markets, which was requested from our Stock and Index traders.

Each account can set a ‘default market’ to help streamline adding a new trade. We will also be adding more filters and statistics based on market type in the future to give you a deeper analysis into your trading.

Custom User Settings

We have moved the Settings and Theme Switcher to the bottom left corner of the app, below the privacy mode button, for quick access.

Within settings, you will find a new option called “Journal” with new settings to control how your journal behaves, calculates, and displays data. These settings include the following:

Reward:Risk Calculation

Choose how your Reward:Risk is calculated. You can now choose from pips, profit (existing method) and whether to factor in commissions.

Strike Rate Calculation

Choose how your strike rate is calculated. Will break evens be excluded, count as a win, or a loss?

Break Even Cut-offs

You can set the minimum and maximum Reward:Risk for a trade to be classified as break even.

12hr or 24hr time

Choose which format times are displayed in. There is also a new clock selector if you use 24hr time.

Syncing settings across devices

All your settings will now sync across devices. This will include themes, privacy mode and layout options such as split panel view, full screen view, trades view, and the dashboard selections.

We have also included a number of improvement and bug fixes in this release. Thank you for the constant feedback and suggestions. We hope you enjoy customising your journal.