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Improvements and Bug Fixes – August 20

08 Sep, 20

Over the past week we have released a number of improvements and bug fixes.


The new trade modal has been redesigned to make it more efficient and user friendly. This includes moving the account selector, and making buttons for selecting Long/Short.

When entering a new trade it will remember the account you used on your last trade, so you do not have to keep changing it. This will make back testing sessions more efficient.

On the trade table you can tab to select the open/close date

When you enter a close date, if you do not have a scale out, the close size will be automatically prefilled based on your open size.

We have added a loading indicator when deleting a trade so you can visually see the app is doing something.

Added a message explaining why you can not delete an account or strategy. Previously the button was just disabled.

We have also fixed the following bugs:

Due to time zones some trades were appearing in the wrong month on the stats widgets

In light themes, the date picker and clock were not using your accent colour

In dark themes, the numbers in the colour picker were hard to read

Issue when entering a close time in certain situations

Calendar not displaying the correct account currency

We are constantly working to improve Trading Vault to make it the best Trading Journal available. A big thank you to everyone that has sent in feedback, we appreciate your input.