Text Editor and Image Upload

02 May, 22

Another big feature drop as requested by our members has just been released. This update is focused around the text editor and inserting images.

Firstly the text editor has received a major update and brings with it several new features.

  • Task List

  • Links

  • Images

New Text Editor

That's right you can now insert images inline within your text. This means your chart snapshots are not constrained to your snapshot slots. All these features are available throughout the entire app in any text editor which includes the strategy page and notebook.

We have also updated our image upload process. You now have 4 image upload methods available to you.

  1. Paste a URL link

  2. Paste an image

  3. Select image from your device

  4. Drag and drop image from your device

Image Uploader

Additionally all images are now stored in our system regardless of their upload method. Previously, links to external images only stored the link to the image however now these images will be uploaded and stored forever just in case your original link breaks.

Lastly we also added profile pictures. Just head to settings -> account -> edit profile and select the image to further personalise your trading journal.

As always, thank you for your support and feature request.