Brand New Login System & Major Upgrades

06 Mar, 22

We are very excited to announce the next major upgrade to Trading Vault. It has been in development for several months and includes almost a complete re-write of the app and a brand-new authentication system.

Firstly, as the update includes a brand-new authentication system, every member will be required to reset their password on their first log-in. This also includes members who use a social login. The new authentication system brings with it new account settings allowing you to change your account email, password, and name, and link multiple social accounts as additional login options.

What do you need to do

At the log-in screen just click "Reset Password" and check your email for a reset password link.

A new authentication system also means a new log-in experience which have resulted in massive speed improvements and less loading screens. We have also been able to extend your login session which means you won’t have to log back in every time you open Trading Vault. Navigating within the app is also a lot smoother with app optimizations and new animations.

We are also excited to announce that Trading Vault is now available as a Progressive Web App. This means you can install our web app directly onto your device for a more native experience and launch it directly from your desktop/app launcher. Not only is this quick and easy to install, but it will also enhance performance and load speed. You can install it from within the app or by clicking the link below.

Install Trading Vault

Additional Improvements

There are many other updates in this release besides performance improvements.

  • New landing page within the app

  • Added a dedicated symbol filter and removed the search box

  • Combined all filters into a single modal for easier and faster navigation

  • Updated the layout of detail fields when editing a trade

  • Added animations throughout the app to make page transitions smoother

  • Accounts, Strategies, and Snapshot management screens now have a 2-pane system rather than a pop-up modal for easier navigation and management.

  • Updated visual appearance of graphs

  • Time inputs display both your devices time zone and the corresponding UTC time for your reference.

  • Numerous other tweaks to various pages to improve Trading Vault's usability and to ensure a consistent user experience.