June 2021 Improvements & Bug Fixes

14 Jun, 21

We have updated the getting started process to help new users get started. A major part of this is a visual overhaul to the 'default setup' screen. New users can select to pre-configure their journal with settings from their trading school. This includes strategies, tags, slots and accounts. This can also be password protected for security.

We're excited to announce that the first school to join us in providing this functionality for their students is 'Evo Capital.'

If you'd also like to have your school listed, to help your students journal, please send us a request at info@trading-vault.com. This is free for all schools using Trading Vault as a way to benefit students.

On small screens such as mobiles, the side drawer menu will now automatically hide to create more space. If you prefer to keep it open, you also have the option to 'pin' it to the side. In addition to this, the app will remember if you have the menu expanded or not.

In addition to this, we have also made a number of visual improvements. The privacy toggle has been replaced with an icon button. We have completely overhauled the light themes making them much more vibrant and easier to read. You will also notice more defined outlines to help separate elements as well as other visual tweaks.

Trading Vault Dashboard using the new light theme.