Net Profit Percentage

16 May, 21

We are excited to announce a highly requested feature has just been released. You can now track your Net Profit and Risk per trade as a percentage relative to your account balance.

This has been integrated throughout the entire app and is calculated on your account balance at the trade’s open date. For this to calculate correctly, you need to ensure your account in Trading Vault reflects your actual trading account balance. This includes recording any deposits and withdrawals. You can add these from the account screen.

To assist with this and the recent changes to Reward:Risk, we have added a new section to the trades screen. In the trade table where you enter your trade details, you will see a “More Info” button below the trade’s details tab. Selecting this will display more information about the trade such as market session, trade duration, opening balance, Risk %, Net % and the different Reward:Risk calculations introduced in the last settings update. We have also moved the Risk and Risk/pip to this section and added the variation which includes commissions (net risk).

This will give you a deeper insight into your trading and help you identify issues such as over or under risking relative to your trading plan.