Position Size Calculator

05 Dec, 21

We are excited to announce our latest, highly requested tool, a Position Sizing Calculator.

Unlike other sizing calculators, this will leverage your account information already recorded in Trading Vault to make the process easier and faster when you’re trying to quickly enter a trade. Your account balance, account currency and pre-defined risk percentage is remembered and automatically entered for you.

To size a position, simply select a pre-defined symbol from the drop-down list and enter your stop loss in pips or as an amount relative to the symbol. And that's all there is to it. Your trade size amount is then displayed in lots.

Quick and easy

Trading Vault takes care of the difficult stuff by automatically updating the relevant exchange rates between your account and the instrument currency. Presets allow you to adjust details like your stop size with a single click so you can quickly react to highly volatile market conditions. You don't even need to press a calculate button to see the results. We aimed to design our calculator as a natural extension to your journal and trading process, not something that gets in the way.

Highly Customisable

An important aspect of sizing a trade is knowing the pip size (pips / point) and lot size for a particular symbol/instrument. While these are standard for forex, they can vary per broker depending on what you are trading. As such, you can customise the pip size, lot size and risk currency. This will give you the freedom to size a trade on any symbol even if it’s not one of our pre-defined options. Just click the "Custom" button to free type into the symbol picker and then enter the additional information.

The Position Size Calculator is available for both Basic and Pro members. Pro members also have the ability to add multiple calculators simultaneously. So, if you have a busy day of trading with several opportunities, you can setup a separate calculator for each symbol. Pro membership also supports multiple accounts, which the position size calculator can swap between with a single click.

Please note the Position Size Calculator is still in beta and you should double check your position sizes before entering any trades. If you believe there is an error, please send us a message so we can investigate it and improve the tool for everyone.