Stats Update

16 May, 21

We have completely redesigned the Stats pages and added additional stats and brand new widgets.

First you will notice in the Trades section there is now only one button for “Stats”. We have made all the other pages as sub-pages under stats to keep the interface cleaner as we add additional stat pages in the future. The first pages to be added are “Market Stats”, and “Session Stats” (based on the trades open time).

Below you can see the redesigned “All Stats” page.

In the top right corner you have buttons to switch between R:R, Net Profit, and % Return. These will change applicable stats and graphs.

The new table gives you more detailed information in a cleaner layout. Click the headings at the top to change between: All Trades, Average Per Trade, Average Per Month, and Max Streaks.

A highly requested stat was Max Drawdown and Updraw.

When you go to the specific stat pages, you will notice a redesigned and cleaner table, to highlight the most important stats. If you click the dropdown arrow on the left, that particular row will expand. Inside the expanded area, you will see a full breakdown of the stats with the same level of detail and information in the “All stats” screen, but relative to what you clicked on.

We have also added a “Stats Comparison” graph. On the right hand side you can use the search box to change which stats are displayed. The buttons on the right allow you to change between a bar graph showing the values and pie graph showing the ratios as a percentage.

We still have a few more things planned to add to the stats pages so keep your eyes out for more updates.

As always if you have any feedback, please let us know.