Group Sharing

25 Apr, 23

Trading Vault is an online trading journal that helps traders record and track their trades to improve their performance and become more profitable. We're excited to announce our latest update featuring group sharing, as well as several other notable updates that will enhance the Trading Vault experience for our users.

Group Sharing

Creating a group on Trading Vault is a great way to connect with like-minded individuals and enhance your trading experience. It is available to all Trading Vault members, including those on our basic plan. With groups, you can form a trading buddy system, get mentoring, build a community with your friends, or join a trading school. Imagine the possibilities of being a part of a community that supports your trading journey, where you can share your strategies, get feedback on your trades, and learn from others' experiences. By creating or joining a group on Trading Vault, you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge and resources to help you become a more successful trader. So why wait? Start building your community today and see how it can enhance your trading experience.

With group sharing, users can create public or private groups and control who can join them. Group owners can set permissions to determine who can share trades and promote other users to moderator and manager roles to help manage the group.

When a user joins a group, they can see all the trades shared in the group, access filters, and view stats just like on their own personal journal. When sharing a trade with a group, users can choose which data to share, allowing them to keep financial and personal data private if they wish. Creating/joining a group does not automatically add your trades to a group. Trades can be individually added or added in bulk at the discretion of each user.

Click here for more information on how to create a group and share your trades.

Other Notable Updates

In addition to group sharing, we've also added several other updates to Trading Vault:

  • User handles: All users now have a user handle that can be viewed when sharing trades individually or in groups. Users can customize their handle on their profile screen in settings to make it easier for others to identify them. User handles must be unique, so act fast to secure yours.

  • Permission control for individual trade sharing: Similar to group sharing, users can now control what they share when sharing trades individually.

  • Stats comparison for tags: Users can now compare stats for different tags they've added to their trades, making it easier to identify patterns and improve performance.

  • Stats comparison for accounts: Users can also compare stats for different accounts they've added to their journal.

  • Customized table views: Users can now remove and re-order columns in their journal's table view, allowing them to focus on the data that's most important to them.

  • Various UI improvements and bug fixes.

We hope these updates will make Trading Vault even more useful for traders and help them achieve their goals. Try out the new features today and let us know what you think!