Trade Performance Widget

20 Oct, 21

We have updated our stats pages for Pro members with a new Trade Performance widget.

Utilising the 21 new stats from the Maximum Adverse Price (MAP) and Maximum Favourable Price (MFP) that was part of our last update, the Trade Performance widget will calculate your average across all your trades. Selecting any stat will display every trade on our interactive graph so you can visualise your performance to help analyse your trading. If a particular trade stands out, you can click it within the graph and the app will load that trade for a more detailed analysis.

The Trade Performance widget will provide valuable information to assist you with tweaking your strategies to maximise your trading profits. For example...

• An average entry efficiency of 20% indicates you are entering too early and could be more patient potentially avoiding some losses.

• An average end trade drawdown greater than 1 R:R indicates you are exiting too late and give back more than your initial risk.